Stasha Lewis



Stasha was born in Johannesburg and moved to London when she was seven with her brother and parents. She went to the Hampshire school and then went on to study at  The Arts Educational schools followed by Cambridge Arts Tutors.

Stasha has always been drawn to the Arts and has always had a passion for creativity, in whatever form it happened to manifest itself in, “I was lucky enough to grow up with extremely talented and creative parents, who have influenced me all my life which has always made me think outside the box”.

Stasha is nothing but a perfectionist with whatever project she chooses to focus on, which is evidenced by her innovative career to date. This includes her past three exhibitions: REACTION (2005), SOFT (2006), and COLOUR (2012) as well as  “How To Feed A Man” , a beautiful book with a  collection of personal recipes and inspirational thoughts on home entertaining.


Stasha lives in St.Johns Wood with her husband Tony and their three children Jonah, Jordan and Lily; and their dogs Humber & Johnny and Burmese cat Romeo.


For further information on Stasha and her work, please contact


Tel. 07767497608

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